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The Corruption Files is helping to provide a prospective outside of the mainstream mind frame. Breaking down news, politics, government corruption, exposing conspiracies and standing up for what's right while shining a light into the darkness. Thanks for tuning in and spread the word!

The Corruption Files Episode #3 - 4-3-2017 -

This episode is about the St. Petersburg attack, secret societies, New World Order, South Africa, U.S. debt and more.

The Corruption Files Episode #2 - 3-15-2017 -

This week I dive into Wiki Leaks Vault 7, Planned Parenthood, B-52 flying over Korea, Trump bowling, Steven Hawking and more. 

The Corruption Files Episode #1 - 3-5-2017 -

Talking Obama takeover, Trump wiretapping, Marine Corp scandal and more.